Wild Oats Sown

Wild Oats Sown1/9

The seeds were long gone, but I thought it made a sculptural image.

Consuela at the Fiesta

Consuela at the Fiesta2/9

The Romeria in Mogán goes on until around six in the morning. This was early, around midnight.

Barrel Cacti

Barrel Cacti3/9

They were massive - about half a metre across!

Mirror mirror

Mirror mirror4/9

Oo you lookin\' at?

Oo you lookin\' at?5/9

Someone left a hat on a post in Lyme Valley Park

Unfired Mugs

Unfired Mugs6/9

Mugs drying out at Crochendy Bethesda

Smooth Golden Fleece

Smooth Golden Fleece7/9

Urospermum dalechampii, taken near Ciutadella, Menorca

Angelsey Circuit Classic Bike Race

Angelsey Circuit Classic Bike Race8/9

The Kite Flyer

The Kite Flyer9/9

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